But back in January, I chose a word for this year. That word is J-O-Y. Here’s what I posted on my writer’s page:

My friend, Holly Jacobs, asks each year what her friends’ word for that year is. I’ve never chosen one before. This year my church family has one–GROW. I love it, so I thought hard My word this year is JOY and all its synonyms. Joy, glee, happiness, cheer, etc. How about you? Do you have a word for the year?   This is Holly and my CP, Linda.

Have I had joy this year? Yes!  The best kind of joy.

My #2 son had his #1 son in April, and that kiddo owns a part of my heart! He’s as cute as anything you’ve ever seen! His mama and daddy are awfully cute, too! 

#3 son has three kiddos. They’re all adorable and they own the rest of my heart. Plus, they tickle the soup out of me! 

This year, I’ve spent great times with my dad, sisters, Debbie, Cindy, Lisa, and Amy, and my brother, Jeffrey.

The Spess Sibs

I’ve had more time to spend in prayer than ever before

I’ve watched as God answered my prayers and the prayers of others. 

Talk about joy! It fills me with over-the-top, effervescent, bubbling-bubbling-bubbling, down-in-my-heart joy to see God at work. 

Have there been bad things happen in 2020? Yes, but I can’t focus on them.

AND, in exactly six (6!) days, my first Christian Romance, JORDAN VALLEY MISS, is coming out. 


For me, 2020 gets a big thumbs up.