Did you see my new header? Two of them are covers for my next Christian romance books. They’ll be published by Pelican Publishing Company. (The first, Jordan Valley Miss, is for sale now.)

Aren’t they beautiful?!?

ROUNDUP is about a woman on a stolen horse who comes to hide in Jordan Valley.

RESCUE is the story of a women who escapes to Jordan Valley from a lifetime of human trafficking.

These books have been accepted for publication by Pelican Publishing. No pub date yet, but I’m looking forward to receiving it soon.

AND I’ve started a new manuscript. It’s a cozy mystery, set in a small town, which sort of goes without saying. I love small town life! This one is set in a woman’s tearoom/antique store. 

The heroine’s name is Melia Shelton. How do I choose my character’s names? Funny thing about that . . . this one chose me. That happens sometimes. 🙂

The story revolves around a Bible study group of women who meet in the tearoom. The body of one of the women is found in a cedar chest in Melia’s place.

I’ve just started this manuscript. It usually takes me about a year to finish one. I have a day job and family, and I just rediscovered basketball–watching, not playing. BUT, I’m hoping this manuscript will go faster.

It’s so much fun!



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2 thoughts on “LOOKIE HERE!

  1. These are beautiful covers!I’ve been lucky enough to read a little of these stories and can’t wait to read the entire book. Very intriguing. Good job, Susan!! So proud of you and happy for you. 🙂

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