On January 20th of this year, I posted this on my Writer’s Page:

My friend, Holly Jacobs, asks each year what her friends’ word for that year is. I’ve never chosen one before.
This year my church family has one–GROW. I love it, so I thought hard
My word this year is JOY and all its synonyms. Joy, glee, happiness, cheer, etc.
How about you? Do you have a word for the year?
Please share!

Did you catch that? Joy, in 2020? So many bad things have happened this year. Covid 19 shut down churches, schools, and businesses, took some people to their reward, and made it so I couldn’t visit my hubby when he was in the hospital.


So was I tempting fate when I chose my word for the year? It might seem like it, but I had joy.

There was joy when we had trouble finding a hospital bed, and a friend volunteered the one her dad had used before his death.

Joy as Gary and I watched our church on TV, prayed, and took communion together. 

Joy as my children were here with me. Joy as Dad and my siblings (and sibling-in-laws) gathered to support us.

So much joy. . .  Our youngest grandson was born a month before Gary passed, and he was able to hold him and love on him just a little. 

And the funny thing? Sister Debbie mentioned at a Bible study we’re doing (first we watch a session of THE CHOSEN, then we talk about it. BTW: It’s GREAT!) that next year her word was going to be joy

I was amazed. But maybe it wasn’t so amazing. Maybe it was a God Thing.  



Joy in 2020???

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