It’s been really cold here in the past couple of weeks. And, because I live alone these days, I don’t go out much by myself. (Yes, I’m missing work.) 

Last week with the cold temps, I went to my new house (did I tell you I’m moving?) to make sure everything was okay.

Now, when things are slick, I know should walk like a penguin, but apparently I forgot. I walked right out like I normally do (my mama thought I walked like a horse until I went to “charm” school.)

I slipped and landed right on my keester.


And the driveway was so slick, I couldn’t stand back up. 

This is where I landed. Sister Debbie was with me, and said it looked like I made an ice angel. (I don’t think I cracked the concrete.) We laughed so hard and my back hurt so much, I laid down on the ice. 

After we stopped laughing, I sat up and scooted my hiney into the garage where I could stand up. 

You might have guessed, we’ve had record-breaking cold here in C-Town. The frigidness got down to 9 degrees BELOW zero. Sister Lisa in Wichita said it doesn’t matter how far down the temp goes once it gets past zero. And she’s right. Cold is COLD! 

This is my sweet dog, Mopey. He looked cold to me, so I put this shawl on him.

I knitted it several years ago, but it wasn’t as large as I hoped when I bound off, so I’ve never worn it. 

Mopey wore it for about 10 minutes (maybe that long.) I had to disentangle his foot so many times, we took it off.

I think this shade of blue is his color, though, don’t you?

By the way, I’ve been packing boxes, getting ready for my move. 

I won’t have room for this set of canisters. Anyone need a set? If you like them, you can have these. All you have to do it pick them up.

Ps: I’m enjoying the snow. Reminds me of when I was a kid and thought a snowstorm meant Santa was coming back again. I was always disappointed when it didn’t happen. 

I know most people hate snow, but for the last few years I’ve missed it. Makes me think, “Washed in the blood, I’m whiter than snow.” That’s what I want to be–whiter than snow (that Mopey hasn’t watered.) 

I really do like snow. How about you? 

Snowing and Blowing

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