This is from a few years ago. Okay, a long time ago, like ten years. So I thought I’d share it again. 


How to Make a Dragonfly


DFA few years ago I made a whole flock of wire angels–a la Carol Duvall. (I tried to find the instructions online to share with you, but couldn’t. Sorry.)

After that, I thought, “Why not make dragonflies instead?

DFThis guy is one of the first. Poor thing doesn’t have a head, but he’s cute anyway.

I thought you might enjoy knowing how I change an angel into a fly. 🙂

dftailFirst you wrap wire around a round thing about 10 times, and leave a long tail.

dfwrapWrap that long tail around the loops and wrap it tightly!

dfdivideThen I divide the wraps in half. (Kinda looks like a snowman lying down, doesn’t it?)

dfwingsOne half is for the wings, the other for the tail.

dfbeadWrap the wings and add a bead for the head. (Most dragonflies have heads.)

dfspreadStraighten out the tail and wrap it with that long piece of wire. Then spread out the wings.

dfflyAnd you have a dragonfly!

You can add a pin to the back and wear it on a lapel, make it smaller, add hooks and wear them in your ears, or make it larger and hang it on your Christmas tree!

dragonfliesMine used to hang in the bathroom on my wrought iron. I think they’re kind of cute.

Like them?




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