Do you enjoy holidays? I do! Because I do, I’m working on a series of Cozy Mysteries that are set on Holidays. Right now, I’m writing a book whose working title is Christmas Tea. The next one will be set during Spring Break. (That’s a holiday. Right?)

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day! It’s not a book yet but might be some day.

I mean, besides the heat, what’s not to love?

After all, there’s 


Homemade Ice Cream!

Fried Chicken


Besides food, the best part of the Fourth of July is the memories.

When I was a kid, the family (dad’s parents, siblings, their wives, and kids) went to the lake every year on the 4th. It didn’t matter which lake–Keystone, Hulah, Heyburn or any of the other lakes near C Town. The moms cooked a feast for us, and us kids fell on it like a swarm of grasshoppers. (I come from a family of great cooks.) 

By the time I was grown and had kids of my own, we didn’t always go to the lake for the 4th, but I kept making fried chicken just like Aunt Phyllis. And I made Grandmommy Corn just like Mama. That’s good stuff!

 I love fireworks. Hubby didn’t love spending money that would go up in smoke, but we usually did. 🙂

Did you ever shoot firecrackers? I remember the first one I lit.

Once a cousin pretended he was smoking one. It exploded between his lips, and it hurt! Another time we lit one, threw it down, and my neighbor’s dog ate it. 

Remember the ones that popped when they hit the ground? They were much like SNAPS today but looked like Kix cereal. When one of my sisters was two or three, she put one in her mouth and bit down. It popped and she cried.

So many memories, so much fun.

Last year the 4th was at a friend’s pool. I didn’t swim, but I loved taking pictures of the kids while they did.

One of my favorite memories is the year that Mama lit a firecracker outside our bedroom window early one morning. We woke in a hurry!  

Mama was a ton of fun!





Ready for a holiday?

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