Hi! My name is Susan Spess.

Not Spees. Spess.  (Rhymes with mess, less and confess.) 

To be perfectly honest, my name is Susan Spess Shay. I’m number one out of six kids. I have three sons, three grandsons and a pair of twin granddaughters. I had a perfectly wonderful husband I loved the stuffin’ out of. We were married a whole lot of years before he passed.

My guy.

I have four sisters and a brother. They’re a pretty cool pack of people to know! Every one has a great sense of humor that keeps me grinning most of the time. 

The Spess sibs!
Dad and his kiddos. Dad’s the one wearing pink.

I live in the small town world where I grew up and am part of the church where I first accepted Jesus as my Savior. 

Cleveland, OKLAHOMA