I’m so thrilled to tell y’all that Jordan Valley Roundup is almost here. Its birth day will be July 28, 2023.

The book is about Jessie Cobler, who was reared by her aunt, and Mitch Tanner, who lives with his mother and brothers on their ranch. Their lives revolve around God, rodeos, and their animals.

It was fun writing about Jessie and the Tanner family.

I wasn’t raised on a ranch. I lived in a beautiful small town, but my cousins lived on ranches, and we visited often. And my  forever friend, who I dedicated this book to, lived on one, too.

I loved horseback riding with all of them!

Growing up, Sister Debbie had a horse named Chi Chi, and I had a horse named Susie Que. My Weaver cousins had horses they named after themselves–Randy, Rod, and Rog, so I wanted to name my little filly Susan. Mama said no! So, I decided to name her Susie Cute, because she was so cute! 

Dad had a horse whose name was Sparky. Dad bought him when he was 12 years old. He saw him on his way home with his dad one day, and I believe he said they paid $25.00 for the horse, saddle and bridle.

Sparky lived out on the farm where he had 160 acres to run on. He could jump any fence he wanted to.  He grazed on alfalfa and spent his time with the mares.  When my cousin, Linda, was just 6 or 7 she’d take grain out to him in her cupped hands, and he carefully ate it. He never hurt anyone I know of.

Everyone rode Sparky. He was ridden in the small Mannford rodeo, where one of my cousins rode barrels on him. I think he might have been in a rodeo parade or two.

One Fourth of July, we were at Uncle Frank’s house where Sparky was hanging out, and Dad decided to ride him. I wanted to ride with him, so I got on behind (I always called that the rumble seat.) We rode a little bit, then Dad started making him buck. On purpose!

The funny thing is, I didn’t fall off. (Surprised me! I thought I was going to.) It wasn’t long before I was begging Dad to let me off.  🙂

Sparky lived until I was in high school. He died jumping a fence. 

Dad and Sparky.


It’s Almost Here!

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