I recently read SECOND CHANCE, and absolutely loved it. No joke! It’s by Karen Malley, whom I’ve never met but I plan to get to know her when we get to heaven. I think our hearts are centered on the same thing. Christ.

Please, meet the author, Ms. Malley– 

Karen Malley

Isn’t that a sweet face? 

Have I mentioned I have an alter ego I call Terminally Curious? I call it that because I’m always asking questions. (Yes, I’m glad I’m not a cat!)

Anyway, I asked Ms. Malley how she came up with this story. (BTW: I LOVE the first line of the book. It grabbed me and yanked me right in!)

Her answer:

The Inspiration Behind A Second Chance for Grace

            After Following the Sparrows, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the characters or the town of Pine Springs. Two characters in the story, Mac and Susan, meet one another towards the end of the book. They are two very different people, but instantly feel attraction to one another. I wanted to explore their story further, so it was easy to turn Following the Sparrows into a series.

            One issue dear to my heart is ministering to women with unplanned pregnancies. I believe it is God’s will to protect the unborn, but we must also take care of the mothers. In A Second Chance for Grace, Susan’s teenage niece becomes pregnant and her parents kick her out of the house. We walk this road along with her and are introduced to an organization who helps women in her situation. This is based on a local organization in my community who gives free ultrasounds, provides Biblical counseling, and gives supplies (car seats, cribs, etc.) to those who complete parenting classes with them.

            When deciding how to bring Susan’s character to life, I read about different occupations, and my eye landed on apartment manager. The article I read noted people sometimes leave behind interesting items. From there, the idea sprouted, and Susan became the manager of an apartment building who finds a mysterious briefcase.

            A Second Chance for Grace combines many things: romance, heartbreak, mystery, betrayal, tough decisions, but most importantly, characters who try to follow God’s will. God is a God of second chances, and this theme winds its way throughout the story.

            If you enjoyed Following the Sparrows, you’ll want to see the story continue. If you haven’t read Following the Sparrows, A Second Chance for Grace can be read as a standalone novel. I hope you’ll join Mac, Susan, and Claire on their journey together to see how God will give them all a second chance!

(Susan) Where can my readers find SECOND CHANCE and learn more about you?

Ms. Malley’s answer:



Karen Malley links:

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               I absolutely loved this book, and I think most of you will, too.

Just to entice you a little more, here’s the back cover blurb–

A new life coming into the world disrupts Susan’s quiet life …

Susan Montgomery is used to a quiet, peaceful life managing her apartment building, where the hardest problem is her grouchy neighbor’s leaky faucet. She soon finds herself dealing with a pregnant teenage niece, a mysterious briefcase left behind by a tenant, and two very different men vying for her heart.

A near-death experience gives Mac a new outlook on life …

Christopher “Mac” MacAllister is trying to figure out how to “do the Christian thing.” As a new convert, he’s drawn to Susan’s love for life and for God. She’s nothing like the women he used to date; but can Mac compete with the guy who’s come out of nowhere and knows all the right things to say?

Does that sound great or what???

Come on, let’s talk about it.


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  1. Great interview, Ladies!
    I’m of the same heart ministering to young women and those with unplanned pregnancy – although I haven’t had a chance to really do that yet but I’m retiring from the Insurance industry so hopefully soon….

    Good luck and God’s blessings with your new release, Karen!

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