About Me–

Hi! My name is Susan Spess.

Not Spees. Spess.  (Rhymes with mess, less and confess.) 

To be perfectly honest, my name is Susan Spess Shay. I’m number one out of six kids. I have three sons, two grandsons (so far) and a perfectly wonderful husband I love the stuffin’ out of. We’ve been married a whole lot of years. 

My guy.

I have four sisters and a brother. They’re a pretty cool pack of people to know, even if they are mine! Their senses of humor keep me grinning most of the time. 

The Spess Sibs!
Dad and his kiddos. Dad’s the one wearing pink.

I live in the small town world where I grew up and am part of the church where I first accepted Jesus as my Savior. 

                              Cleveland, OKLAHOMA

I have three books published, and now I’m writing under another name.


Here’s the story: 

One year I decided to try NaNoWriMo. Know what that is? It’s where you whip out a fifty thousand word manuscript during the month of November. Kajillions of writers do Nano (or at least start it) so I thought I would, too. I wanted to be finished before Thanksgiving, so I did the math so I would know how many words I’d have to write a day to reach that goal.

And I was on top of my goal. I had more than enough words to reach fifty thousand by Turkey Day.

And then, about halfway through my manuscript, I woke one morning and in the black of e-a-r-l-y morning, I had an epiphany. 

I want to be remembered for my writing, but for a different kind of book.

So I put that manuscript aside, and started writing (not nano-ing) a totally different book. One my dad could appreciate. (Maybe.) One I could share with my young nieces without them having to hide it from their mamas. One I could point anyone to and say, “See that? I did it (with help from my friends)  and I’m so glad I did!”