Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t. At least I didn’t, but something happened recently that nearly changed my mind.

The scriptures say it’s appointed for man to die once, then the judgement. (Hebrews 9:27–not an exact quote.) So how can there be ghosts? That was always my reasoning. 

After that day, though, I wondered if I was misunderstanding something.

Here’s what happened:

I always make my bed, because my dog thinks he’s a human and has a right to be on all my furniture. (Anyone else have a pet like that?) Since I’d hate to sleep in dog hair, I make it. It looked like this when I left that morning.The Christmas throw is to give me an extra barrier between Mopey and my pillows. I went to work with my bed looking just like that each morning for weeks. When Mopey was up there, it looked a little scrambled, like my bathroom rugs after he’d had a restless night. 

But then the day came when I wondered if I’d had a ghost in my bed. I came home as usual after work and went to my room to change shoes or put up something. Now remember, I expected the bed to still look like the one above. Instead, it looked like this–

I can tell you, it scared me so badly, I almost died! No human could have done it. No one had a key to my house, and I have a burglar alarm with a camera system. I went back through the pictures from that day and there was nothing. Not even a shadow. The alarm hadn’t gone off once. 

It scared Mopey, too.

It took a lot to talk myself into going to bed that night. A lot of prayer, scripture searching, and exhaustion. Finally, I got in the thing and huddled close to the edge just in case there was movement on the other side. If there had been, I was out of there!

So the next morning when I was making the thing, I found Mopey’s Bonz (his doggie bone) on the other side. Made me wonder, had Mopey really turned it down that perfectly to “bury” his bone, or had a spirit done it just to say hello? (Or “boo!”)

I’m afraid I’ll never know.  

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you a sceptic? Or, like me, are you on the fence?

Ghost in my Bed

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6 thoughts on “Ghost in my Bed

  1. Our dog does the same thing. We think she invites all the neighborhood dogs over for a party while we’re gone. LOL

  2. How funny, Carol! Isn’t it weird how dogs who’ve never met still act like each other? There might be an underground network. Facebook for Dogs, maybe? 😀
    Do you believe in ghosts?

  3. I do believe in spirits. I haven’t had any up close and personal experiences with them, but I believe they exist. If I were you, I think I’d kindly ask the spirit in your house to please leave your bed made so it isn’t full of dog hair at the end of the day. Hey, might work. 😉

    1. That’s a good idea, Linda! Not sure I want to talk to a spirit. What if it materializes? If it’s a close friend or relative, I’d love it. But if it’s a stranger, not so much.
      I really hope my relatives and friends are praising Jesus and having a great time in heaven.

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