Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! Happy June 1st!!!

So it’s already the sixth month of the year. Amazing how that happens. No matter what’s going on in life, time just keeps moving on. And we move with it. 

The dawn of June.

Memorial Day weekend is just behind us, and mine was b-u-s-y. Doing what? 

Decorating graves, working on edits, and (finally) unpacking more boxes. 

I know I’m weird, but I enjoy the cemeteries. Hominy’s is beautiful with flags everywhere. And seeing people out caring for loved one’s resting place makes me happy.

Oh, and I’m working on a new header that’ll fill me, and hopefully others, with joy. 

A try.

It’s not there yet, but I’ll keep working on it. Or change to something else. 😀

And I really enjoy unpacking my boxes. (I know, I’m weird.) It’s kind of like Christmas, finding things I love that have been put away for several months.

The edits are slow going, but I’m learning so much! This editor is the best I’ve ever worked with. Not to take away from my past editors, but she’s made so much clear that was cloudy before. Or maybe I just understand more now than I did. 

So, how did you spend your long weekend? Or were you like my sister, Lisa, who went to work as usual? (As if unpacking and rewriting isn’t work.) 

Just to repeat, how’d you spend your days off? I’d really like to know.



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3 thoughts on “HAPPY JUNE!

  1. Had a sleepover with the 6 grandkids, played games and watched them play baseball. Finished up the weekend wood burning names on souvenir bats. 💕

  2. It was a busy weekend. Saturday, I decorated graves (in 3 different cemeteries) with my sister, rested on Sunday, then Monday helped a dear friend pack to move. So I was dealing with boxes also, only I was filling them instead of emptying them. 😉

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