Okay, I’ve signed my TWO BOOK CONTRACT (I’m so excited, I’m still jumping up and down!) and I’ve sent it back to my publisher. So, what’s next?

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Since this isn’t my first published book–these will be my 5th and 6th–I should know the answer to that. Right? 

I do know what to do. Here’s what’s next: Patiently waiting for edits.

Is it bad to pace back and forth? | Open Thoughts Amino 

Sylvester doesn’t look very patient, does he? To be honest, he looks like an expectant father. Which makes sense. Publishing a book is a lot like having a baby. 

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This is my niece, Hope Nation Gregor

The miracle baby who’s having a baby! And it’s coming this month!

Here’s how book publishing is like birthing a baby: 

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1- Sometimes after it gets started, the newbie doesn’t grow. (I’ve had 2 miscarriages and started LOTS of books that didn’t go anywhere.)

2- No matter how kind the editor or doctor, it can be a painful process. (Don’t believe them if they say it’s not.) 

What Really Happens To Your Body When You're In Labor - YouTube

3- It’s messy, and rarely easy. (There’s a reason they call it labor.)

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4- And sometimes, after it arrives, you wish it had taken longer, especially when you get a less than kind review–

Pretty Woman with a Headache

Or colicky baby.

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5- But once you hold it in your arms you fall instantly in love, and you remember why you started it all.

At home with baby

My first Christian Romance. Love this book!

What do you think? Would you like to publish a book or have a (or another) baby? Believe me, it’s not as easy as it looks. Or maybe I just take it harder than most.



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8 thoughts on “WHAT NEXT?

  1. Love the comparison. I’ve been expecting for years with some of my books. Too bad there’s not a nine month limit. Congratulations!

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