I love Thanksgiving. Everything about it. Even with this awful virus, distancing, mask-wearing, and the deaths of loved ones, I’m so very thankful! Especially for family, friends, food (!) and the cartoons. 😀 

Thanksgiving Cartoons

I love this one. Makes me laugh every time! 

Thanksgiving "I'm With Delicious" Poster | Zazzle.com | Funny thanksgiving  memes, Thanksgiving cartoon, Thanksgiving jokes

This is pretty cute, too. 

Thanksgiving 2012 Cartoon Turkey Flamingo ❤ Cartoon | Thanksgiving cartoon,  Thanksgiving jokes, Funny thanksgiving

This one always reminds me of my friend, Marilyn Pappano, (fantastic author!) who love flamingos. 

I believe thankfulness is something that’s caught, not taught. And I’m extremely thankful. I’m thankful that God so loved the world that He gave his only son so I could have eternal life. 

I’m thankful for my years with Gary, and that I’ll be with him again in heaven.

I’m thankful for my dad, my sisters and my brother.

I’m thankful for my children and their children. 

For my church, which is the people, not the building, the ministers, and the board.

For my critique group, who’re the best bunch of writers (and kind critiquers) I know.

For Mopey (my dog) who guards me and keeps me company with no backtalk. 


For my job, that keeps me busy, and happy, and in good company. 

For my home that keeps me warm and comfy. 

For my country, and state (Okie-Land rocks!), and city. (Cleveland is the BEST small town in the world.)

I’m thankful that someone liked my book enough to publish it. 

Have you read any of it? Come back and tell me what you think. But (please) be kind.

I’m thankful for the wild birds that entertain me non-stop, and all I have to do is feed them. 😀

I could go on and on, but I won’t. 

Are you thankful for anything this year? How about sharing one or two?

What’s Giving?

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