I spent my weekend attending a conference in my office.

The conference was put on by the ACFW group, and it was fantastic! I’ve been to one other ACFW conference, and they were two of the best I’ve ever attended.

It was a Zoom conference, of course, and took me a little while to get it figured out, but once I did I love every moment of it.

The speakers really did a great job! It’s impossible to pick the one I enjoyed most. Jennifer Crosswhite talked about a novel blueprint. (It’s all about emotion.)

Lenora Worth told us how to write for Love Inspired.

Colleen Coble told us about the layers you book has to have to make it to the best seller list.

And I had workshops on marketing as well a deep point of view.

Some of the best workshops I’ve ever attended were ACFW conference workshops. I attended one in Dallas a few years ago, and was amazed by what I learned. James Scott Bell was there for an early session, and that boy knows his stuff!

The next day I happened into a workshop about self publishing that I expected to last the normal hour, but it lasted all day. Talk about a deep dive! Wonderful day. I wish I could attend that conference all over again.

And the rest of the week, the sessions were nearly as good!

Of course, I didn’t know anyone, but people who write Christian fiction are some of the friendliest I know. Makes a real difference!

So, I have a prayer request for you: My brother in law, Bruce, is in the Cleveland Area Hospital with Covid. He’s getting better, but still has a way to go. Please add him to your prayers. Sister Cindy asked us to pray Ephesians 6:10-18. Please join us.

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference

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