I used to write a blog called SMALL TOWN WORLD where I talked about C-Town and my part of it. It’s still there. I think. http://susanshay.net

It has lots of articles and recipes as well as pictures. 

My Small Town World

So what’s a small town? It’s where everyone is a friend, but some–the ones you don’t know–are future friends.

This world has changed so much since I was a kid, back when telephones had operators who dialed for you. We now have entire computers small enough carry in your pocket, which also serve as phones as well as cameras. So my STW has grown. 

I have very close friends who live in other states.

My forever friend and me.

This friend entertains me with her dog’s achievements as well as her talent.

I have a special set of friends who are excellent writers. They’re my critique group (all four of us) and it’s not surprising to learn we’d all go to the other end of the earth for each other.


Since we can’t get together to critique during this Covid Crap, we try to text each other to stay up on the news. One of the ladies (Marilyn Pappano in the green shirt) entertains us with Bridezilla stories. I enjoy them so much, I beg her to send more. 

I thought y’all might enjoy them, too, so I started looking for a Bride-y story to share. I didn’t find one 🙁 but I did find a kids-say-the-funniest-things story.
This is from Brightside:
  • My daughter is in kindergarten now. Once, their teacher asked a simple question about chickens and how they are useful to people. Most of the kids suggested a number of great ideas, such as eggs, feathers, and using chicken as food. But according to my girl, they all forgot about another obvious one… “You can also use chickens in animal sacrifice rituals.” That was her best shot. When she told us proudly about the class, we appreciated her resourcefulness but also banned her from watching such “educational” TV shows with us.
 Wouldn’t that be a fun phone call from the teacher?

  When one of my sons was three or four, he belched kind of convincingly. I asked, “What was that?” 

He answered, “I must have a motorcycle in my neck.”

I hope y’all have a joyous week. 

Small Town World

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