Are you a snow lover or hater? I’ve noticed most people have strong feelings about it one way or the other.

I love snow. Some of my happiest memories are set in the snow, which makes them snowbound! 😀 

One of my first memories was a LONG time ago when we lived with Grandmother and Granddad in Old Mannford. I remember one January when it snowed so much that Dad drove the tractor to town from the farm, and my dog that Uncle Henry gave me followed him all the way in. 

I was super excited! I loved Mike, and since it was snowing, I was sure Santa would come back again. I was just a little disappointed about Santa just being once a year, but I got to play with Mike a little.

When we moved to C-Town, I remember it snowing a lot. One year, we begged for a sled for Christmas, but there were none to be found in town, so Dad built us one. 

I’m not sure what boards he used, but it had 2 x 6 runners, and he made it so it could be tied to the back of a car. Not a lot of fun for zipping down hills because you couldn’t direct it, but it was a blast to ride on the street behind a car!

The bad thing was that the kids (Me, Sister Debbie, Friend Marsha, and Cousin Joanee) got to take a couple of rides, then the grown ups would take over. Dad and his friends (Charles Hagberg and Ronnie Epps are a couple I remember) had a great time trying to dump each other. 

Sadly, the highway patrol moved to town and told us it was illegal. But those runners had worn down from six or so inches to practically nothing, so our great sled became firewood. 

When I was in college in Joplin, we got a huge snow. Must have been a foot or two of the white stuff. Our school was built on a hill, so someone procured lots of innertubes somewhere, and we make long chains to careen down that hill. Taking the hill was a thrill. 

The year my first son was born, it snowed every week, and when it snows, I crave popcorn. Don’t ask me why, but I do. 

I was managing FOUR SEASONS FASHIONS at the time, and my mother (who owned it) had to tell me to stop going to work because I might slip and fall in the snow and have the baby on Broadway Street.

For once, I obeyed. 

Today, it’s snowing great big pretty flakes, and covering all the not quite perfect things in the yard with beauty. 

My hubby loved feeding the birds when he was alive, so I made sure the feeders were full yesterday. I certainly didn’t want to have to wade out on my painful knee in the snow to make sure they didn’t starve.

I’m just hoping the poor feathered things don’t freeze to death.

Does the flaky stuff make you want anything special to eat, like chili or stew or popcorn?

Can you share a favorite memory, like a mom who loved snow as much as you? One that kept the hot chocolate warm and dried your clothes so when you warmed up, they were a little heated and you were ready to go at it again? That was our mom. 

We played the fox and hound, made snowmen and snow angels. 

How about you?


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2 thoughts on “SNOWBOUND!

  1. I have no memories of the sled, only home movies that Mom probably took.
    I like snow, especially when i don’t have to get out in it.
    Thanks for sharing your memories with me.LY

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